The best home remedies for burns

The best home remedy for minor burns

            A visit to the doctor is not always a must when minor burns happened. And if you are the one who prefer home cares, here we have the best and most effective home tip to treat first-degree burns.

The best remedy for your minor burn

            Most people easily get minor burns in the kitchen. Fortunately, in the very kitchen, there it is this wonderful remedy. It is the ONION. In fact, the onion, this disgusting odor veggie, is the one that will alleviate first-degree burns. Moreover, it will cure these minor injuries almost like a miracle. Simply, you only grate a little of onion and gently put it on the injured area for some minutes.

Many persons choose cold water to treat minor burns. This is definitely a wrong option. Instead, spread a few of grated onion on the affected part immediately. Quickly, you feel such a great relief that no pharmacy ointments could offer.

Avoid first-degree burns blisters

            As soon as you get a minor burn, you should put gently the onion portion to avoid blisters appearance. So this way, the first-degree burn stays red, and little by little the skin renews itself. But in case blisters come out, you can also spread it on them. The onion will relieve the burning sensation. Right after, wash the burn with abundant fresh water without touching it to avoid infection.

Do not use these ones for burns

            A popular myth in many countries says the toothpaste could be used on first-degree burns. Perhaps, a kind of relief for a while felt because of mint. But then, it turns out irritating and infected. For that reason, avoid using toothpaste. The same happens with ice and water. At the beginning, these ones make you feel good. Later on, they irritate more the injured part. Spasmodic pains could arise. So, keep away from ice and water too.

Pinch or needle burn blisters must be prevented. The liquid inside is a type of plasma secreted by human body. It contains immunologic agents that will make the burn skin renewed.

Also, keep your eyes on the burn. In case of pains, or pus secretion, go to the doctor as soon as possible to prevent the worst. Do not cover the burns with anything.

What is a first-degree burn?

First-degree burns are the ones in which the outer layer of skin is burned. These ones can be treated at home. But, second and third-degree burns always need medical attention. If you are not completely sure about the degree of your burn, ask the doctor.


            Use onion only if you are sure this is a first-degree burn. Remind to wash well your burn after putting onion on the injured skin. Take precaution about recommending this home remedy to anyone. Remember onion could be used just on first-degree burns. Onion allergic people must not take this veggie as a minor burns remedy. It is not recommended for them.

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